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N.B. there might (or might not) be spoilers in this article!

Welcome to Unearthly Times, a Doctor Who marathon blog.

The plan – to watch all of Doctor Who in order from An Unearthly Child onwards – is admittedly not an original one. I’m sure most Doctor Who fans attempt it at least once. I almost did when they showed the stories on UK Gold back in the 90’s, but they skipped a few in that transmission run and even then I only got as far as the Fourth Doctor before I headed off to university.

The other plan – to write about each story as I go along – alas is also not an original one. Doctor Who Magazine, of course, makes a regular feature of it in its Time Team column and they’re still going after many, many years (although it’s taken so long all the participants, it would appear, have regenerated). As they say, a good idea does not have to be an original idea.

But hey, what the hell, I’m sure it’ll be fun! I’m not setting myself any deadlines, although, even if I somehow manage to watch one story per week I reckon it’ll take me at least three years just to get up to the Eighth Doctor! (I’m sure there’ll be the odd side-step along the way as well.)

“Eh, Doctor who? What’s he talking about?”

The Doctor, An Unearthly Child

I’m not going to write full reviews or even synopses of every story; I’m presuming Doctor Who fans will know them inside out anyway! This is more an opportunity for me to run through all the episodes in order and pick out what I like along the way.

So first up of course is An Unearthly Child a.k.a. The Tribe of Gum a.k.a. 100,000 BC a.k.a. Serial A a.k.a. the one with the cavemen a.k.a. … well, you get the picture.