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Doctor Who Greatest Moments

N.B. there might (or might not) be spoilers in this article!

Doctor Who Greatest Moments was originally broadcast between Children of Earth and Series Three of The Sarah Jane Adventures.

For a number of reasons, I’ve chosen to cover it slightly late, not least of which is the fact that I didn’t know it existed until I saw that there was a copy on Disc 2 of the Dreamland DVD and consequently had to do a bit of research into what it was!

In the course of said research I discovered episode one — The Doctor — of the documentary mini-series had been re-shown shortly after the second episode of The End of Time and, as the Dreamland DVD saw release soon after that (in February 2010) it kinda, sorta, can be said to slot in between the Tenth and Eleventh Doctor. That’s the argument I’m going with, anyhoo.

It also gave me an opportunity to look back at the whole of RTD’s first era as clips of the Ninth Doctor in action are included, as well as being able to post something suitably celebratory on Doctor Who‘s actual anniversary, just ahead of the much-anticipated start of Russell T Davies’ and Julie Gardner’s second era in charge.

True, Doctor Who Greatest Moments only covers the first four years of 21st century Who and is really little more than a clip show, but it does have an impressive roll call of interviewees, including all the main companions — and their mothers!

For this reason, middle episode The Companions is the best of the three, although my favourite interviewee is probably Dan Starkey, who shows up in The Enemies with an enthusiasm for playing a Sontaran almost as great as the Sontaran enthusiasm for war.

Today marks not only Doctor Who‘s 60th anniversary, but also Unearthly Times‘ 10th anniversary; it’s fair to say I did not expect it to take me this long for me still to be not caught up with the show’s latest episode. What’s more, at my current pace it might be three more years before I’m saying hello to the Fourteenth Doctor, meaning I will still be three years behind in 2026!