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The Sarah Jane Adventures: Series Two
“Aliens come to Ealing”

N.B. there might (or might not) be spoilers in this article!

Series Two of The Sarah Jane Adventures provides us with another tweak to the format and another strong series of adventures for Sarah Jane Smith and the gang.

“There’s still so much more to discover.”

Sarah Jane, The Last Sontaran, Part One

The absence of Maria and her family, while keenly felt at first, seems – if it’s not too harsh to say – to be hardly noticeable by the end of the series, such is the speed with which Rani and her parents have settled in on Bannermen Road. It’s as if they had been there since the Bane first invaded!

That said, I don’t remember Sarah Jane giving the Fourth Doctor a hard time about getting her name wrong and calling her Sarah instead of Sarah Jane, but it certainly seems to rankle her when Rani’s Mum Gita does it. Not that I blame her, of course – it’s only respectful to get somebody’s name right. As I say, I just don’t recall it bothering her back in the days she was having all those Gothic adventures across the universe!

“The universe hasn’t finished with us yet!”

Sarah Jane, Enemy of the Bane, Part Two

There’s nothing quite as good as Whatever Happened to Sarah Jane?, in Series Two, but it’s still a highly respectable run: Sontarans, the Pied Piper, astrology, Jedi-style mind games, the Trickster and the Bane all wreak havoc for the Bannermen gang

Still, I have to say, the highlight for me was seeing Nicholas Courtney dust off the Brigadier’s uniform, metaphorically at least, one last time.

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